We are also an authorised Business Associates of Climaveneta, Daikin

Climaveneta Climate Technologies, and a technology leader in this field, having pioneered several unique concepts, innovations and developments.

With over 40 years of experience, and a wide range of products and systems for every application, from residential buildings to large commercial and industrial systems, Climaveneta has great strength in areas such as energy efficiency, quality and reliability of its products and solutions.

Climaveneta has gained reputation as a constant innovator, and has pioneered many unique concepts and product ideas such as the 4 pipe Systems capable of autonomous operation, to provide combined heating and cooling in any proportion, simultaneously, all round the year, irrespective of load / demand variation, and weather conditions. Climaveneta also pioneered the concept of factory fitted adiabatic kit for air cooled chillers, and air-cooled Mag-Lev chillers with iplv of 6 plus! We have pioneered breakthrough innovations such as inbuilt variable primary flow systems, with integrated controls, highest efficiency in class, air cooled Inverter screw chillers,  precision units with Inverter compressors, and much more!

Climaveneta’s Product portfolio encompasses Air-cooled Screw chillers upto 600 TR, Air cooled scroll chillers upto 250 TR, water cooled Screw chillers upto 980 TR, Mag-Lev centrifugal Air cooled chillers upto 425 TR, and water cooled Mag-Lev upto 550 TR. The range of Precision products and data centre solutions includes air-cooled, water cooled, dual fluid, dual coil, DX, chilled water, remote condenser options. Rear door cooling solutions, in row coolers, rack coolers, units with free cooling, invertor controlled compressor based units, and much more, in the widest range, apart from heat pumps, 4 pipe / 6 pipe systems, unitary products, rooftop units, etc. Climaveneta believes in an application based approach, and we have a range to suit every application

Established in Bassano Del Grappa, Italy in 1971 as chiller manufacturer, Climaveneta has since become featured by its dynamic and very customer-oriented approach that also enabled the company to become very rapidly a rising star in the European air conditioning market. Its acquisition by the De’Longhi Group in 1994 marked a new step in its development, reflected by a more structured organization and starting of Eurovent certification in 1999. This was followed by strong development abroad, with the establishment of the first sister companies in France, Germany and a joint venture in China, and a steady market share increase in most EU countries.

Climaveneta Climate Technologies (P) LTD is Climaveneta's subsidiary in India, providing a combination of the expertise and innovation potential of Climaveneta SPA, its parent company, with a dedicated local application Engineering team and a professional service support and spares back up.
Head quartered in Bangalore and having its presence in various metropolitan cities, this new JV, Climaveneta India marks the latest step in the international development of the European group, in the Indian subcontinent.
Climaveneta has achieved great recognition not only as a quality manufacturer of HVAC equipment, but also as a constant innovator, having pioneered several innovative concepts and product ideas backed by a very solid service reputation, with a Team of 70 Service personnel in India.

We value your patronage. Our success will not be possible without your support. I would really appreciate if you could consider us for any impending chiller / precision unit requirements in your organization.

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Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt. Ltd. ( DAIPL) is a 100% subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd., Japan, a global leader in the manufacturing of commercial-use and residential air conditioning systems. Backed by the superior technology, the organization offers a wide range of energy efficient air conditioning solutions to the Indian customers. It has been successfully offering premium air conditioning solutions in the Indian market for large-scale projects. Robust growth is forecasted in India’s air-conditioning market in the future and Daikin intends to further increase its market share of residential and large-scale projects.

VRV is the latest and most revolutionary technologies used for large sized buildings.

The system offers large outdoor capacities, greater energy savings, easier installation, longer actual and total piping, and more.

VRV III (Air Cooled System)
VRV III-S Air-conditioning System
VRV-W III Water Cooled System
HRV (Heat Reclaim Ventilation)
VRV Controllers

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